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This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under grant agreement no 699382 under European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme © – 2016 – Deep Blue, ENAC, MATS. All rights reserved. Licensed to the SESAR Joint Undertaking under conditions.

TaCo aims to define an automated system able to both support ground and tower controllers’ tasks in airport operations and assess its own ability to deal with non-nominal conditions.
TaCo will develop

Airport Operations Analysis

An analysis of the operations conducted in the tower of Malta International Airport (LMML) and a definition of scenarios where automation may support the controllers’ tasks


A proof of concept of automated tools for managing specific tasks (e.g. sequencing and conflict detection and resolution)


An interaction model for the handover of control from the automation to the human and the other way around;


An evaluation of the concept according to the expected technology readiness level (TRL1).

Project Structure

TaCo adopts a user centered approach to automation design

Complex automated systems are coping with extremely dynamic environments
Their behavior cannot be fully defined at design time to cope with all the possible unusual situations.
This introduces challenges regarding the adaptiveness of the system, how to redefine the functioning of its agents when unexpected events happen and how to dynamically handover tasks and responsibilities to the human

  • Malta International Airport operations focus

  • Agents optimization in highly automated airport

  • A proof of concept of the envisaged system

  • ATCOs to give us feedback for improving TaCo's concept


TACO brings together 3 highly qualified partners from research institution, industry (service provider) and SME with complementary competencies


Coordinator – Project Management, Human Machine Interaction, Dissemination

Deep Blue specialises in research and consulting on human-centred design and validation in transport, healthcare and environment

Deep Blue Website


Partner – Modelling and Develpment

Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile: French National School for Civil Aviation. Specialized in ATC training, owns high level training materials such as ATC simulators, flight simulators

ENAC Website


Partner – Air Navigation Service Provider

Malta Air Traffic Services (MATS) Ltd. is a registered limited liability company that provides Air Navigation Services (ANSP) for Malta.

MATS Website


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